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JamesSBy: James Simpson III (Nassau Punishers)

Every year one of the most anticipated days of the year is the release of the Five Star Football League schedule. As the schedule maker it’s a conflicting day as you spend tireless hours in front of a computer, and though you are happy at the work you have done, you know the ridicule that will come with it. It’s never possible to please everyone but we do try to be fair.

The owner’s that have come to FSFL have all been a part of other leagues where the schedule release wasn’t an exciting occasion but a dreadful one as often the schedule came out unbalanced and slanted to the stronger programs. The FSFL owners and admin take pride in building and maintaining the league as a chain. We are proud that a 2-8 Long Island Tribe team can become back-to-back Champions we are proud that a 4-6 Punisher team can make it to championship. We are also proud that a team like the Brooklyn Seminoles, who has been in the championship 3 out of the 4 years, is able to maintain a top-notch schedule year in and year out.

Let’s face it a league is only as strong as its weakest and strongest team but what makes FSFL special is the balance of the middle. Every single season since the league began the last week of the season means something for playoff seeding’s as teams slack off and has to ball out till the final week of the season. The FSFL as of 2013 has strength of score scheduling that is given to owners at the time of schedule release. This system was developed so that teams can see the competitive level that their schedule gives their team, it is also used as a tiebreaker for possible playoff seeding.

The Five Star is only in its fifth season but the buzz around the league has never been greater with outstanding media coverage, good website, locality, and the fierce rivalries the league is here for years to come.

The 2014 season kicks off at Aviator Sports Complex, Friday July 11th at 8pm with an old UFL Rivalry as the New York Bandits face off against the Nassau Punishers a team they have never lost to ever in their history! Bandits will attempt to place themselves back in the top of the FSFL standings after a roller coaster 2013 season and the Punisher’s return to the scene of the crime of their last loss and attempt to beat their nemesis the New York Bandits and prove that they were real in 2013 and it wasn’t just the 4-6 schedule!


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