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Seminoles defeat the Pitbulls


Article by Fred Gerken

Brooklyn Seminoles a Team of All Season

Since starting their quest in the 2016 season the Seminoles have been a team that plays in any kind of weather. This week’s game was no different. The Seminoles traveled to the Mitchell Field Athletic Complex to play a determined Mercenary Pitbull team. This was the third consecutive away game for the Noles. Away games always carry with them the prospect of who can make the games for a variety of reasons for the traveling team.  

This game held several challenges for the Seminoles. First the question who could attend the game, second the hot humid oppressive heat and since the field was completely book the game had to end at a set time. So the as the Noles veterans would say “the young bloods need to step up to the plate.”

 Seminoles received the opening kick-off and took to back to the 45 yard line. Working with a patch work offensive line they preceded down the field for a score and a PAT. The Nole’s defense needed to play people out of position, but once they settled in the would hold the hard charging Pitbull offense. As the second quarter started a rare Seminoles gave the Pitbulls good field position and they move the ball for a score. Their PAT was no good and a surprised score of Seminoles 7 PItbulls 6. Was this an upset in the making? However champions find ways to win and the Noles offense put up another 12 points in the second quarter with the half ending Seminoles 19 Pitbulls 6.  
Pitbulls received the second half kick-off. The Seminole’s defense had settled in and began to push up the pressure on the Pitbull’s offense. On a third and long a pass deflated by Lamont Downing with a ball hawking Andre Ray gripping it out of the air then dashing 40 yards for the touchdown, the PAT was no good and the score Seminoles 25 Pitbulls 6. As the fourth quarter began the game turned into a slug fest between both defenses and penalty flags. A clear indication that the hot humid weather had worn down every player on both sides, the game was called with less than four minutes to go so they could convert the field to s soccer field for the community college. The game ended with the score Seminoles 25 and the Pitbulls 6. This was the second time the Seminoles had shown up to play in hot oppressive weather and short- handed, however as the old saying goes Champions find ways to win. The Seminoles proved that today again they find ways to win in rain, snow, sleet and hot oppressive weather, truly a team of all seasons. This article would be incomplete without the mention of the young bloods, #3 Kareem Williams, #20 Randy Josephs, #37 Quaran Anderson, #43 Anthony Rodriguez, #54 Lucius Simon and #71 Orland Duverglas. These young players have improved and continue to support this team of veterans on their 2016 Season quest. Great Game Young Bloods!!

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