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It’s Playoff Time  #8 KIngs vs #9 Falcons 


The First round of the Five Star Football Leagues 2016 Playoffs kicks off Saturday from Granny Road, Gotdon Heights NY with a double header. 

In The First Game of the Double header the #8 NY Kings take on the #9 NYC Falcons two organizations that have been on a roller coaster ride all season! The #8 seeded NY KIngs started the season with much promise, but injuries, a tough schedule and the loss of the Jersey crew hurt them significantly down the stretch! 

However, they have reached one of their goals and that’s to be in the tournament at the end, but it’s going to take a lot of execution for the kings to go beyond this first round match up. 

Adversity has followed the #9 NYC Falcons all season, playing with a small GameDay roster for the majority of the season, they have manage to climb their way into the playoffs. However, moving beyond the first round is going to be a challenge and I point towards the inconsistency at QB where Jason Walker has struggled behind a rebuilding offensive line. He had a few multiple INT games, and if you couple that with the Falcons mental lapses in the secondary and the guys in the trenches playing bruised all season they enter a up hill battle vs a Motivated NY Kings. 

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